Whadya doing’?!

Hello everyone,

  It has been awhile, as it always seems to be, between posts. I decided it was time to post a little update. I am currently attending college with the goal of an AAS in RTVF, working part-time at a pizza joint and taking small gigs on the side.

  More specifically, on the audio side of things, I am still accepting gigs over the web, as it is all that I am really able to do right now, seeing as how I do not have access to recording studios. For some limited work, you can order gigs from me on Fiverr.com. The link to my gigs there is http://fiverr.com/jessicadb87.  In addition, I am still accepting large scale gigs. If you have questions about working with me on a project please don’t hesitate to message me!

   I am going to make more of an effort to post here more. I will be posting some recent audio projects up as well!

- Jessica

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Offering Editing/Mixing/Post Work – WORLDWIDE

Hey there,

So I just wanted to post here so that any musicians/ animators/ or short film makers stumbling across my website might see, this is a new service I am offering. I am doing audio work over the web! The plan here is that you will (hopefully) contact me requesting services that may include audio editing, mixing, and/or audio post work for animations/short films, etc.. You may email me explaining in detail the project and what you are wanting done. If it is decided we will be working together, we can discuss the project further over email, even over Skype if seeing the person you are working with makes you more comfortable! As for rates, this will vary by project, but once I know exactly what you want, I will be able to give you a rate for your specific project!

The Technicals

  • I will be delivering the project over the free service DropBox.
  • Payments will always be made through PayPal. I do require 50% of our agreed upon rate at the beginning of the project, and the rest upon my delivery of the final product to you. I will offer you one free sample of my work on your specific project before any agreement is set in stone.

If you decide you are interested in working together, please contact me directly at jessica.bufkin@yahoo.com with the details of your project. I look forward to working with you!

Thank you

- Jessica

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Social Media and How I am Using It


I have not updated this website in a bit so I decided it was time! Lately I have been focusing a lot of attention on social media as a way to get my work out there and (hopefully) obtain some new work and clients. Most notably, I have re-established my YouTube Channel in order to post my work, as well as to give some helpful advice in regards to audio. I plan to do some review videos of gear that I own, as well as post some of my own music projects so that you may see how I am growing as an engineer/producer. The channel is still in it’s infant stages at the moment, but I plan to have new content up very soon (like within the coming week). In addition to this channel highlighting my work, I feel it will be a good way for potential clients to “get to know me” so that they will know who they are working with. I feel that is important, since many of the projects I am focusing on at the moment are projects that are delivered over the internet. One of the websites that I am offering to do projects through is Fiverr.com. I am currently offering mixing for songs as well as light audio post-production work (have a short animation that needs some sound?) and editing for radio spots (if you have a podcast, this might be a good deal for you!). Below are the links to the social websites I am on. You can expect daily updates on Twitter. For now, you will most likely see weekly updates on YouTube, hopefully turning into daily or at least several days a week. I will also link my Instagram here, not all updates will focus on audio, but there will be some, so if your are interested you may follow there as well. I also have a Facebook page where you may contact me and also receive updates on projects, etc. Thank you for reading on, and I hope to hear from at least some of you on one of these sites!

- Jessica

YouTube Channel










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Assisting for The Stratoblasters

Hey there,

So I had the chance to assist my boyfriend, Robert Alvis, with The Stratoblasters show last night at Memphis Nightclub in Addison. The Stratoblasters feature Jimmy Wallace, who started and runs the Dallas International Guitar Show. It was a great show last night and everyone in that band is super nice and cool. I am grateful I got the chance to work with them all.


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A little something new for your ears.

A new mix of mine. This song is by a client who I met through a website called Fiverr.com. It’s a really cool website and I am still offering mixes as well as dialogue editing for $5 up there if you are interested!



Thanks for reading and listening,


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Happy Halloween!!

Just a little something I put together for Halloween with one of my colleagues, Agnes Calka. She created this animation, and I did all of the sound design for it. If you’re interested in her work, you can email her directly at aggyness@gmail.com


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Exciting internship and audio post projects!

Hello all,

It’s been a bit since I have posted anything up here, but I wanted to update today. So to catch up a bit, I have been interning at a post house called Red Car in Dallas since the start of June. It has been, and continues to be, a great learning experience, and I have had the opportunity to meet some really great people. In addition, I have been working on some more post projects of my own, just to keep my chops up. Just a couple of 30 sec. projects on the Bride Of Frankenstein. It has been interesting trying to design in a lo-fi mindset to fit the old film, much different than my first major post project, Iron Man 2. Once these projects are finished I will be posting them up.

Thank you for reading!


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